Data Center Locations and Physical Security

LMS365 is built entirely using Azure Platform-as-a-Service components all operated securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud fully managed by Zensai. Maintenance and updates are included in your subscription to LMS365.

Currently, LMS365 is available in eight regional Azure data centers and in the US Government Azure Cloud serving both US GCC and GCC high tenants.

Each customer can select which Azure Data Center they would like to use for data location upon the first installation, the options are:


 LMS365 Geography  Microsoft Azure Data Center  Azure Paired Region
 Americas  Central US  East US 2
 Asia Pacific  Japan East  Japan West
 Australasia  Australia East  Australia Southeast
 Canada  Canada Central  Canada East
 Europe  North Europe (Ireland)  West Europe (Netherlands)
 Germany  Germany West Central  Northeast Germany
 Switzerland  Switzerland North  Switzerland West
 United Kingdom (UK)  UK South  UK West
 US GCC  US Gov Virginia  US Gov Texas
 US GCC High  US Gov Virginia  US Gov Texas


Azure Facilities, premises, and physical security

Zensai doesn't have any in-house data centers, physical networks, and/or servers connected to the LMS365 platform. Microsoft manages the physical and environmental security of our Azure-based data centers and the Azure physical security is described here and in our Platforms and Standards.

Our internal security program covers physical security at our offices.


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